Moong Dhowa Dal

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Moong dhowa or moong dhuli dal is skinned form of moong chilka. Rich in taste and easy to digest, dhuli moong dal is quite light for body. Mong dhowa pulse is used for making multiple dishes and even it is considered the best during sickness.

Moong dhowa from TMI Colman, also known as talai, is great in taste and aroma. Procured from the farms of Rajasthan, our dhuli moong has a class taste. Shop from Dalbasket to get a blend of nourishment and taste at the most competitive prices.

Nutrients moong dhowa contains, are:

Nutrition value (100g) (aprox.)
Calories 277
Sodium 128 mg
Protein 20 g
Total Carbohydrates 375 g
Sugar 0 g

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